Community Documents Discussing Sustainable Development of Trinidad’s Northeast Peninsula

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A report from the Trinidad and Tobago Field Naturalists’ Club on the 2018 Bioblitz held in Toco. A bioblitz is an intensive effort to survey living things within a restricted area over a short period of time.

An overview of recommended materials Supplied by the Toco Folk Museum, July 2019. More details to be added soon.

A slide presentation description of Trinidad and Tobago government 2000 proclamations to establish what was touted to be a 'ferry' service from the island of Trinidad to Tobago. The view is presented that in reality, This project was designed to benefit private developers instead of the community of Toco where the project was designed to mostly affect. This presentation reviews the community efforts through social and political action to successfully object to this form of 'development' and to put forward their own alternative development plan