Rural Tradiculture


Rural communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago are know for their ‘bush medicine’ practices. These are herbal remedies and treatments, traditionally used to cure and treat a range of ailments and diseases. More often than not, these remedies are proven effective, despite the limited scientific evidence to support it. Tradiculture, which is short for Traditional Culture, seeks to:

  1. Develop a database of the various remedies known to the local rural communities.
  2. Incorporate as many as possible, the traditions and culture that has been passed down from generations,
  3. Work with experts (both community experts and scientists) to determine the active compounds found within each of the remedies, then
  4. Share the findings

Sky hopes that the findings can help contribute to the field of herbal medicine, as well as trigger development and growth in medical tourism within the target communities. This project has tremendous potential to spread from rural communities within Trinidad and Tobago, to other islands within the Caribbean region as well as the rest of the world.