We actively enhance the development of coastal communities in an environmentally sustainable way, using international best practice strategies and technologies.
We facilitate conservation of the coastal environment and ensure the proper use of resources in rural communities.
We achieve sustainable infrastructural development and effective co-management of biodiversity resources in coastal communities.


1) COME Toco Initiative

The COME Toco Initiative, which stands for Conservation Of the  Marine Environment in Toco, came about as a result of the Toco community’s effort to get the Toco coral habitat protected under the Trinidad and Tobago ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Areas) Rules. 

2) Seamoss Cultivation

(This is a partnership with the Toco Fisher Folk Association)

Marine algae cultivation is among the most environmentally sustainable aquaculture operations in the world, as it does not require inputs or feeds. Trinidad and Tobago has two main alga species used in the food industry: String Moss (Gracilaria spp.) and Fan Moss (Gelidium spp.).

3) Rural Tradiculture

Rural communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago are know for their ‘bush medicine’ practices. These are herbal remedies and treatments, traditionally used to cure and treat a range of ailments and diseases. More often than not, these remedies are proven effective, despite the limited scientific evidence to support it. Tradiculture,